Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Skincare Saviours!

These three little gems are my saviours when it comes to dry skin. Unfortunately my skin HATES the winter. With the freezing winter creeping its way in, heating gets cranked up at home/shops/on the bus, practically everywhere we set foot, obviously this is extremely drying for the skin. Not to mention the wind and cold weather, all of these factors send my skin crazy. I also find myself wanting a cup of hot chocolate rather than a pint of water, so I end up drinking less fluid, but lets face it who actually has time to drink enough water to keep their skin fully hydrated? After years of trying to find a combination of products that work, I've finally found 3 that go hand in hand.

Dermalogica 'Daily Microfoliant'

I start with the Dermalogica 'Daily Microfoliant', I keep this in my shower and use it around twice a week depending on how often I feel I need it. I love this stuff because its not the same as your average exfoliant. It actually comes out the tube as a powder, sort of like a salt shaker. The powder then reacts upon contact with water, so be careful if you keep it in your shower that you don't get any water into the bottle as this will mess up the whole product. All you need is about half a teaspoons worth in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water to the powder and mix it into a paste, then exfoliate as usual.

The paste is a million times more gentle than other products that claim to do the same thing. It doesn't have any grit, which effectively makes tiny abrasions in the skin - break out alert! By causing these tiny scratches on the skin it leaves a golden opportunity for any bacteria to creep in. I know a chemical exfoliant sounds scary but I have extremely sensitive skin and have had absolutely no reactions to this product. It's left my skin feeling softer, brighter and smoother. It even includes Grapefruit and Licorice which helps to balance uneven skin pigmentation as well as Green Tea, Ginkgo and Colloidal Oatmeal to help calm the skin, leaving it feeling clear and refreshed. I can honestly say I haven't found a product that does the job better!

 Origins 'Make a Difference'
 (Skin rejuvenating treatment lotion)

This product works as a skin rejuvenating treatment lotion, it reminds me of a toner. I find this is a great way to add some extra moisture to the skin, it also feels really refreshing on the face and helps to remove any makeup that a cleanser may have missed. As it's a very light liquid I would recommend using a cotton pad to apply it to the face. Its a nice way to prep the skin before putting on a daily moisturiser. Unfortunately it is a little on the pricey side, so although I would like to use it everyday I normally restrict myself to about 4 times a week.

 Origins 'Drink Up Intensive' 
 (An overnight mask to quench skin's thirst)

This little beauty is my favourite by far! A miracle product! As it's an overnight moisture mask, the consistency is thicker than the average moisturiser, although it doesn't feel heavy at all. I like it as it's incredibly easy and non time consuming. All you have to do is apply a thin layer before you go to bed, when you wake up your skin feels gorgeous and rehydrated, there's no messing around with having to wash it off again. I find this is especially lovely at this time of year, often face masks irritate my skin but this one has been a dream. 

I would highly recommend these products to anyone that suffers from dry skin. However this last product can feel ever so slightly greasy so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that is prone to very oily skin.


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