Friday, 15 November 2013

Be the Queen of Curls

 Enrapture 'Extremity Heated Rollers'

Ever since I can remember I've had curly hair, however the older I get the less bouncy the curls seem to be. I'm always looking for new tools that will make giving my hair that extra volume easier and more time efficient. These heated rollers by Enrapture are by far the best I've found! They heat up in minutes so if I'm in a rush in the mornings (which is always) I just pop them on whilst I do my makeup and they're always fully heated by the time I'm finished.

 (One of the smaller rollers and clips)

What I love about these rollers is that not only does the roller itself heat from the core, but the clip heats up as well. Which means if you have thick wild hair like mine, the heat will actually get through to the whole curl meaning it sets brilliantly. I also find that unlike some other rollers I've used the curls actually stay put for most of the day. Of course they drop a little which is to be expected, but I actually prefer this as they look slightly more natural.

Theres a few different ways to put them in, so don't be put off at first if you cant get the hang of it. It took me a while to find a technique that suited me. Once you've figured out what works best for you they're so quick to put in which I love. They work whether you want a quick burst of volume or if you want to take time to create perfect curls.

Here I haven't used all of the rollers and most of the time I dont bother, I have quite long hair and still always seem to have some left over. What I like to do is let the rollers drop at different lengths rather than roll the hair right to my head. This gives a mixture of fully formed curls and waves, the set comes with two different sized rollers so even if you didn't want to do it this way you still get a variety of curl sizes.

I find that you only need to leave them in for around 15 minutes to create the curls, however I've found that if you want them to stay in from morning to night I'd leave them in until they've completely cooled. 

I'd recommend these beauties to anyone, they're honestly the most incredible rollers I've used, they're incredibly simple to use, so whether you're a hair styling expert or a complete novice guaranteed you'll be able to use them and best of all they actually work! Check out my instagram for some examples of different ways they can be used (:


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